Loot Gaming is subscription service that caters to fans of pop culture and nostalgic properties within the the video game industry by sending them a curated package of collectibles, wearables, figures, and much more on a monthly basis. Each month is themed to bring a whole new story and experience.

At Loot Crate, I had the opporunity to be the lead Graphic Designer on Loot Gaming starting from late 2015 with initial research and development to Summer 2016 with 4 month cycles executed. On Loot Gaming, I designed logo designs, Gaming Coin Pins, and the Monthly Manual. I also art directed illustrators in the creation of Key Art for marketing material and theme art on our website, as well as the packaging for interior of the crate when the crate would turn inside out. 

Logo Animation

Logo Animation - Metro

Key Art

Loot Gaming Packaging - (LR) Legacy, Metro, Arena, Dungeon