At Loot Crate, Inc., I have been the Senior Graphic Designer on what is called "The Core Team" since June of 2016. My role and responsibilities vary from project to different partners. I have designed logos, graphics, theme art, and type design for campaigns, as well designed packaging for products and the ship container for the products. In June 2017, Loot Crate, Inc. was honored with SUBTA's Best Box Design Award and Best Overall Experience. It has been such an honor to work on some many projects and brands, especially being part of the initial 50 employees growing to 300+.

Art direct and designed monthly theme campaigns and key art.

Art direct and designed monthly corrugate designs. Some packaging "transformed" into an object that continue the story of the crate.

Created and executed design hierarchy for marketing materials.

Essential team member of our Corporate Rebrand 2017. I was responsible for typography and marketing hierarchy, pattern creation, and new brand packaging exploration.